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April 9
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A Moment in the storm by MagicArt1 A Moment in the storm by MagicArt1
Well I am just going through some personal stuff and having time to think and rethink about things i feel in my Personal life like feel i need a break from my it all time to time and strangely in my emotions i drew what i felt and this showed up

also i am kinda depresed from not only my problems and junk but from

(Spoiler) Elizabeth from Bioshock infinate dying in the DLC i cried and am in mourning for her and the series

but it's mostly the first thing i'm being vauge because i don't wish to share what i feel and am thinking at this moment it's just REALLY personal kinda thing
(even for the Internet -_-)

one thing about this is this picture can go with a buch of songs

Some of which i imagine to be Adele songs like "Make you feel my love" or songs from the WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE OST like Worried Shoes or Hide Away
(but thats Just me)

Well thats all personal junk anyway
lets talk Art if you have a DA (Deviant Art Account) and you got points and you want an OC or a cartoony Commission or one Awesome like this then check out these Links



and Hurry i'll be closing up real soon and it would be a Shame if i didn't atleast do one Commission

this will also be on my FA…

and DA

and Eventually on my Weasyl

if you like it Comment ,Fave or if you love my Art that much the Watch me
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